The Meeting Place Museum and Country Store on Main
Welcome to, "The Meeting Place Museum on Main", in Historic Downtown Morristown, in beautiful East Tennessee. When you visit the Museum, you will find yourself looking back in time as you experience what it was like to live in a rural East Tennessee Community.

The Museum displays a memorable collection of historic antiques from The Old Pharmacy and Soda Fountain. It also provides the perfect location to host your special events.
Such as Business Meetings, Reunions, Birthdays, Showers, Weddings and Anniversary Parties. It has seating for 49 guests. Available on-site are serving and beverage areas, table, and chairs, handicap restrooms and ample parking.

We understand that special occasions are celebrated events and our Mission is to help you celebrate in every way! So, we invite you to call us about your plans and how we might assist in scheduling your next event.

Your guests can also visit, The Country Store and Post Office Museum located upstairs, above The Meeting Place Museum on Main. The Country Store was the heartbeat of the Community where neighbors gathered, sharing important news happening within and outside the Community they lived. Goods were purchased from the storekeeper that could not be manufactured at home. Teas, sugar, coffee, clothing, thread, pots and pans, as well as crops purchased from the Farmer. Cold drinks, along with milk. butter, cheese, and meats were available out of an ice cooler. The Country Store gave credit and loans based on a customer's character, honesty, and ability to pay. Every sort of mail was collected, sorted, and given out. Every inch of space was used and every nail head had something hanging from it. In the Winter season, the Pot Belly Stove provided heat for those who gathered in the store and in the Summer, doors and windows were opened wide! Whittling, chewing, and checkers gave the old timers a sense of passing the time away. And who can forget, as a Kid, the memories of jars of sweet candy? Here at the crossroads of the Old Country Store, is an invitation for you! Come, stand in the doorway or even sit for a while in the Old Country Store. "You'll be caught for sure with one foot in the past and one pointing into the future. Excerpts shared from the writings of, " Country Store", by Jim Harrison
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Grand Opening And Ribbon Cutting For The Ice Cream Shoppe Thursday, August 6th, 2015 at 10:00 am.